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Labyrinth app to be released for 25th anniversary

It's one of the most successful board games ever: Since 1986, Labyrinth has held countless players around the globe spellbound. Now, Ravensburger Digital is publishing the cult game for the digital generation - for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.


The board game Labyrinth has been delighting players of all ages for 25 years. Aside from tricky gaming fun, the classic game always provides a pinch of malicious glee whenever a player succeeds in making things difficult for his or her opponents. This is reason enough for Ravensburger Digital to publish the entertaining treasure hunt through the iTunes App Store today as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The journey is the reward

Success and despair often lie close together, but never at the cost of entertainment, when venturing into the changeable labyrinth invented by Prof. Max J. Kobbert. In 2011, Labyrinth celebrates its 25th anniversary. Since the 1980s, the game has been translated into more than 60 languages and has sold more than 13 million copies in its various incarnations. Guaranteeing endless hours of gaming fun, gritted teeth and 100 percent entertainment, the classic has already won multiple awards and given rise to 18 variants of the game (e.g. The Duel, James Cameron's Avatar: Labyrinth, or Junior Labyrinth). Now adapted with much love of detail, the app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is the latest addition to the aMAZEing game series.

Digital, but nonetheless aMAZEing

As in the original, up to four players of the Labyrinth app strive to find the treasures before their opponents do - using a single device or playing online! But even if there is no human player available to compete against, it is still possible to battle one's way through the maze. The single player mode provides several challenges: The puzzle mode features 80 exciting puzzles to test the player's concentration, while the time duel calls for quick action. Only those who succeed in both variants will secure first place in the Game Center leaderboards. Thus, Labyrinth fulfills the aim of its inventor more than ever: "to train the graphical thinking of children and adults". By combining this goal with enormous gaming fun, Labyrinth even made the all-time charts of the top 10 board games. The new app perfectly transfers these achievements to the digital platforms.

from Ravensburger Digital is now available at a price of € 2.99 for the iPhone and iPod touch or € 4.99 for the iPad in the iTunes App Store at the following addresses:


iPad version:


iPhone / iPod touch version:



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